Climinax Review

Climinax is a natural pill which claims to help improve stamina and aid in having prolonged sex by delaying ejaculation. This is a product intended for men. It is a pill that can be useful for those who struggle with satisfying their partner because of ejaculating at an early time. Climinax’s official website claims that it can help improve one’s performance in bed to last longer by 5.7 times. This is done by removing any performance anxiety and by helping the user become more relaxed. A relaxed body and without any inhibitions will aid in the circulation of blood. A good blood flow allows the penis to attain and keep an erection. Additional claims include that it will not only satisfy the user, but the partner as well.

Product Details

The ingredients are posted on their official website; but there is very little information on how the ingredients actually work to benefit the body. A review also showed that some of the ingredients used were not common to other male enhancing pills. Some of the ingredients include Griffornia Seed Extract, vitamin like B-6, and others like Passion Flower. L-Arginine is one of the ingredients that aid in the circulation of blood which is a must when it comes to sexual intercourse. Climinax also is said to solve erectile dysfunction because of its quality to increase serotonin in men. However, as of date there is no hard evidence that this is an effective way of helping men achieve erection.

This should be taken on a regular basis of one capsule per day. However, it is also recommended that the user drink 1-2 capsules before intimacy.

Positives About Product

• It is made with natural ingredients which mean no harmful effects.
• It has a policy of 180 day money back guarantee.
• Ingredients are listed on the website.
• Testimonies from customers are provided on the site.
• It has claims that it is fast acting.
• A free gift of a book sharing how to help in female orgasm is included when a purchase is made.

Negatives About Product

• There is no black and white policy or terms on the money back guarantee.
• The main ingredients are the only ones that have been clinically studied.
• It is expensive.
• To keep its effect in the body, it is recommended to take it every day which also incurs additional expense.
• Customer testimonies include that it does not work in the set amount of time.
• There are no details about the manufacturer.

Product Bottom Line

It is expensive and it does not have enough evidence or proof to show that its claims are real. Users who buy this should be aware that while it claims to prevent premature ejaculation, there are no studies to support it. Customer testimonials on the website also seem to be exaggerated hinting a false tone. Before buying online, all of these things should be considered especially since one bottle costs $78.95 which is higher than other sexual performance pills.