Climaxagen Review

Climaxagen is for male enhancement so that both he and his partner can find sex more pleasurable. Climaxagen can be taken in two ways; there is a pill and there is a cream. It works by helping men prolong their performance by delaying an orgasm. In addition, it aids in male potency. It is also known to improve stamina which also allows partners to enjoy intimacy longer.

Product Details

Climaxagen works by helping improve the blood circulation in the body. An erection is achieved when blood flows into the penis’ chambers. Therefore, the ingredients inside the capsule help to widen constricted or tight vessels which give way for blood flow. Amino acids called Prosexual Nutrient and Rowdy Weed are key ingredients. An aphrodisiac called Passifora Incarnate is also added in the capsule which strengthens sexual desire more. Men must take these on a regular basis to help the body adjust to it.

As a cream, it can be lathered on the penis and used as regularly as one desires. There are also ingredients which help keep the skin smooth as it reacts to friction. There should be no feeling of numbness. Some of the ingredients included are Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and even Lecithin which helps in the release of testosterone.

Results should start to show within 2-4 weeks of constant use. It claims that no harmful effects will be triggered.

Positives About Product

There are several positive things about this product such as:
• It is provided in capsule and in cream.
• Even if it was made for sexual pleasure, it is advertised professionally.
• Several positive testimonies have been given by clients.
• Ordering is secure and discreet.
• Money back guarantee after 30 days provided that you only buy from its official website.

Negatives About Product

There are a few downsides to this product.
• It is expensive than most male enhancers. One month supply is more expensive than other capsules.
• Must be used regularly in order for the body to be supported by it; this again also contributes to consumers paying more.
• Capsules must be used directly before intercourse.
• It can only be bought online.
• There are no scientific studies to back up the claims; and there are not enough reviews or testimonies from customers that share insight on the cream.
• The cream does not have qualities of an aphrodisiac.

Product Bottom Line

Climaxagen capsules good for one month can be bought at $69.95. The cream which is packaged in a tube costs $44.95. Men and their partners have the option to either use it in capsule form or in cream. Climaxagen is very expensive in both its forms especially for having little support to back its claims. Although it has customer reviews which shed positive insight, this product does not have enough scientific study. Those who buy it should be aware of its claims and risks involved. One should go over their official website in order to read more about the ingredients used and their policy of return for unsatisfied customers.