Chinese Male Enhancement

Posted by: Ryan Parker on August 7, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement

If your penis does not have at least average length and girth, you can be missing out on a great deal of pleasure with your partner. Not only that, but men who are smaller or thinner than average can have serious bouts of lack of confidence in their attractiveness and ability to perform that can get in the way of life. There are many different reasons for why this problem can occur.

Very many of them can be cured with the use of natural products, like Chinese male enhancement herbs and remedies, and very few of them are related to serious medical or irreversible conditions. Often, the hardest part about male enhancement is getting up the courage to ask questions and find out possible ways to resolve the issue.
It isn’t just about genetics

Many men think that the issue of size is something that is decided by genetics and there is nothing that they can do about it except for plastic surgery or the use of prostheses. In fact, if you were to spend a month measuring your penis throughout the day and not just during moments before and during arousal, you will notice that your size changes radically. There are many factors that will affect the size of your penis and the strongest one is stress.

Stress can cause circulation to be restricted to the groin area making the penis more flaccid and making it much more difficult to achieve arousal. Stress combined with strong negative emotions such as fear, anger or grief can cause the penis to partially retract into the body. This is just a natural protective function of the body to protect the very vulnerable genitalia during times of fight or flight. The key to reducing the impact of stress and strong emotions on your size and ability to become aroused is to seek ways to control your body’s physical reaction to these emotions.

Cautionary Note:

Now that you have an idea that there is something you can do for male enhancement that works, here comes the caution. Chinese male enhancement was mentioned earlier because it is a catchall term for a longstanding natural approach to solving this problem. However, these days it is used more as a marketing term. There are certain ingredients you should look for because they have a proven history of working. Do not buy anything advertised as a Chinese male enhancement product that doesn’t list at minimum these active ingredients. Do look for Cusatta, Gingko and Horny Goat Weed (Epunedum Sagitum) in the ingredients.

Chinese male enhancement products work not because they are Chinese so much as the Chinese have one of the longest histories of using natural medicines. You should be careful with Gingko, especially if you have high blood pressure, but the other two main ingredients are considered very safe. They work to reduce stress, increase circulation and work on other aspects of the mind/body that allow you to relax into greater desire. These are not “one night stand” pills or herbs, you do have to take them regularly to see results, but results will definitely happen.