Carverta, also called as Viagra is a generic medication used as treatment for erectile dysfunction or commonly known as the male impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual complication that affects most men’s ability to have strong and hard erection during the intercourse. It complication may be caused by physical and psychological reasons linked to their age. Caverta medication has proven to be effective and has a great potential in providing men a long lasting and great pleasure during sex. This medication is intended for men with this complication. It must not be consumed by children and women, for it might cause fatal side effects on their health. Keep away the medication from the reach of children and locked it in a cool and dry room temperature. Always check the expiration dates before buying and taking it.

Product Details

As FDA approved and registered, Caverta medication is proven safe and effective for men ages above 18. The medication is available in tablets of 100 mg, 50 mg, and 25 mg and must be consumed 1 hour before sex. It is composed of many elements that allow potency in men who were affected by erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil citrate is one of the active ingredients in this medication. It dissolved and increased the flow of the blood in the male organ to make their manhood erect harder and stronger that last long for 6 hours. It removes the blockage that clogs on the blood vessels which restrict the blood flow on the male organ making it sturdy.

Positives About Product

• The erection effects last for almost 6 hours
• It is available in any drug-store and even online at very affordable price
• It is proven effective and works out in a short period of time
• FDA approved – means with quality ingredients and safe to use
• Available in various dosage strengths that allow men to regulate the dose needed to combat impotency.

Negatives About Product

• Side effects might be implicated such as headache, stomach problems, hearing issues, seizures, chest pain, vision issues, respiratory issues, and liver or kidney troubles.
• Painful or long erections
• Allergic reactions and rashes
• Changes in heart rate
• Not advisable for extreme physical workers such as factory workers, drivers or anyone who have physical activities

Product Bottom Line

Caverta medication is very useful and user friendly for most men. It does not have any fatal side effects, though you may suffer or experience other side effects above. Have a check up you’re your doctor if you have experienced any issues which you think not normal anymore. You can buy Caverta at any drug stores near your place or online at $2.49 to $4.75 per tablet, depending on the dosage strength and bulk buying. Note, Caverta should not be taken along with other medicines, alcohol, fried foods and other drinks which contain nitrates. Before taking the medication, the consumer or intaker is advisable to talk to their doctors about their previous medical history for proper recommendation.