Brazil Nuts

Posted by: Ryan Parker on July 26, 2017 Under: Aphrodisiacs

One of the best aphrodisiac foods is Brazil Nuts. This nut can be commonly found in South America. It is from the Lecythidaceae family. In the Amazon jungle, this nut was used by tribes like Yanomami. They used this nut to be part of their diet and found useful things to do with other parts of it. It was then brought to Europe in the 1500s when the Portuguese and Spanish brought it over. The person who gave it the name was Alexander von Humboldt who was German and occupied himself as a botanist. He named it in honor of his friend Claude Louis Berthollet who was a chemist. Van Humboldt called the tree Bertholletia excelsa. It is a large tree and its seeds are gathered for consumption. It has several medicinal benefits such as helping prevent tumors. It is said that it helps in better digestion. It also has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

This nut was eaten by the Egyptians of the past because of its property in male enhancement. It had an effect on their libidos, strengthening it. The nut has oomega-3 fats and eating healthy food always encourages a healthy sex drive. Who would have known that to better sexual performance and increase sex drive could be found in the simple food that we might have overlooked. This is among the top 14 aphrodisiac food. To learn more how Brazil Nuts can improve your sexual performance, continue to read on:

Benefits of Brazil Nuts

1. It is a source of selenium. This antioxidant helps improve and strengthen the immune system. It can also help fight other heart risks like cancer and aging. One of the best things about this is that it also stops free radicals from spreading in the body. Another great factor about selenium is that it is known to help fight off depression and anxiety. Overall, it helps create a happier mood for the person who takes it in. Stress, anxiety, and depressive feelings will be curbed by this nut which will allow a person to relax as he readies himself for intercourse.

2. It is a source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E not only helps women, but it is essential for men who want to make sure that they also have healthy sperm cells. A study done by researchers from UK found that men who took in more food like Brazil Nuts had better sperm cells. In addition, Vitamin E is another antioxidant to help make sure that sperm cells were also free from radicals that could alter it. A healthy sperm means that it can swim faster which increases more chances of it meeting a female egg cell. Those who struggle with impotence or low sperm count are recommended to eat this food.
3. Keeps genital healthy. Because it is packed with vitamins and minerals, it is also effective in preventing prostate cancer and keeping a healthier penis. Many individuals in the health field advise taking these nuts to reduce future health risks.

A few servings of Brazil Nut everyday will not only improve your general health; but you can be confident knowing that you’re ready to perform when the opportunity arises.